Jungle Temple Online

Jungle Temple is one of the most photogenic of the temples - Ta Prohm. Jungle Temple stands out amidst giant fig trees and other gigantic creepers ensconcing the stone foundations of the structure. Jungle Temple or Ta Prohm is an amazing showcase of architecture melding with nature. Jungle Temple is also worth exploring are the many galleries with columns, pavilions, courtyards and ponds that give a reflection of the towering temple.

Jungle Temple (Jungle Wat) is a beautiful temple which has been ravaged by time. You may know this Jungle Temple by the huge roots that push their way through the stone. This part of the Jungle Temple is well known through photos around the world. Nothing in this world is like Ta Prohm (Junlge Temple). Here you have trees growing out of the ruins, surrounding the temple, with its exposed roots. The roots seem to have gotten more attention on Junlge Temple.